101 things in 1001 days

cup'a list

the mission: to complete these 101 things in 1001 days, counting from 25th august, 2007. the complete items will have a different background.
progress will be tracked weekly, any news on progress will be left in the comments. this list should be completed on 20th may, 2010. wish me luck! :)

1. clear debts 28/08/07
2. reach my healthy weight work in progress
3. backpack in south america not going to happen
4. go to tibet by train not going to happen
5. learn mandarin till i reach a conversational level (level 2 hsk, april 2009)
6. quit my job and go freelance (work in progress)
7. learn proper xhtml
8. make an effort to be a good webdesigner
9. properly decorate the place where we live (i did ok, i think, and then we moved…)
10. develop a steady blogging habit (work in progress)
11. finish the design of my personal website (work in progress)
12. read 10 classics (1/10)
13. receive 200 postcards through postcrossing.com done!
14. take my parents on vacation july 2010, to slovenia
15. pick up swimming
16. get a piano not going to happen
17. start to have piano lessons not going to happen
18. re-learn to play the violin not going to happen
19. knit a beanie
20. volunteer
21. start a compost pile
22. frame 7 of our pictures (7/7) 10/5/08
23. plan an exhibition
24. draw everyday for a month
25. publish 5 articles (0/5)
26. go camping
27. offer flowers to someone to lulu, when her baby was born
28. fill a moleskine with rants
29. win something cool 25/10/07
30. subscribe a magazine the economist, 01/01/10
31. re-visit hong kong 09/10/08
32. bake some muffins and offer them
33. learn to make good ice-cream
34. offer surprising gifts for xmas 24/12/07
35. be a good community manager (work in progress)
36. bake 5 pies (1/5)
37. make cupcakes with colorful frost
38. roadtrip coast-to-coast in the US not going to happen
39. have a white xmas
40. take dani to a foreign country
41. go vegetarian for a month week! 01/05/10
42. move again slovenia! 19/11/09
43. get a digital camera 01/09/07
44. get a polaroid camera 01/10/08
45. fill my passport
46. read 3 philosophy books (0/3)
47. have gluhwein again 03/12/09
48. write 5 thank you notes (0/5)
49. get a gocco
50. go to the netherlands again and eat vla 29/08/10
51. give blood twice
52. make tiramisu early 2010, it was good! :D
53. find out all of my friends birthdays facebook made this really easy…
54. watch 100 movies (11/100) impossible to keep count of this one
55. de-clutter my life pretty much done, after this last move!
56. sponsor a child
57. make my mom’s leite creme 16/10/07
58. taste all of celestial seasonings teas mission impossible…
59. start a new project 07/02/08
60. return to boulder, CO not going to happen
61. go skiing snowboarding (may 2009, shanghai!)
62. fill my ibook with stickers 70% done, but bought new macbook
63. see kings of convenience live july 2010 in tarvisio
64. use at least 50% of my enjoy card discounts by february 2007 or 2008 failed miserably :P
65. meet some of my erasmus friends again over new year
66. run a 5k
67. write my will
68. go to karaoke
69. go sailing
70. make 2 custom tshirts (0/2)
71. compile a recipe book
72. take a photobooth photo strip with p.
73. make 10 handmade postcards and send them to friends (1/10)
74. invest in the stock market 15/08/2008
75. fly on a hot air ballon tickets purchased, waiting for good weather!
76. distribute all my name cards (work in progress)
77. go to Xi’an and see the terrakota warriors not going to happen
78. make a stamp 1/12/07
79. support an artist by buying an etsy print and framing it
80. learn how to cook pad thai
81. ride on a rollercoaster finland, september 2009
82. go to macau 08/10/08
83. visit DC in australia not going to happen
84. read something by albert ellis
85. fly a kite
86. make my own jam
87. learn more about chinese history
88. sell stuff on ebay
89. be better at iceskating
90. do our scrapbook
91. fix meiadeleite.com’s archives 05/11/07
92. borrow a lomo holga and try it out to see if i like it 20/12/07
93. teach something to kids
94. have a proper honeymoon june 2008, malaysia
95. replace the ibook’s drive not done, but i bought a macbook… :)
96. donate some money for reflorestation projects done in mid 2007
97. do 50 of keri smith’s 100 Ideas (1/50): 49
98. celebrate the chinese new year 07/02/08
99. see a volcano
100. get myself a drawing tabletjune 2010
101. celebrate when i finish this list!

ps – i’ve noticed that many of the items in this list involve a lot of money and time, especially the traveling bits… let’s hope the stock market helps! :P

27 comments to “101 things in 1001 days”

  • ana says:

    i had no intention to do this by any order, but it happened that the first thing i finished was to pay off a loan, long overdue. :)

    i also received 2 postcards these last few days, so my postcrossing count rose to 77. yay!

  • diana says:

    i love you :)

  • ana says:

    so, it’s time for the weekly report (week 35) :)
    yesterday we bought a digital camera (a canon eos 350d), so i can scratch that item from the list.
    and i finished reading ‘pride and prejudice’, by jane austen, so i’ve read a classic too. only 9 left!

  • ana says:

    week 36: nothing exciting, apart from having received 2 postcards from postcrossing this week :)

  • Jenna says:

    I think this is one of the best things I have ever seen on anyones personal site. What a great idea. You have inspired me to make my own. You’re right about the money though- it will take a lot of it to accomplish very little but that’s the challenge right?


  • ana says:

    81 postcards received! :) this week i also tried to catalogue all the celestial seasonings tea, to sort out which ones i have tasted already, but it’s been a hard task! let’s hope i’ll have it done by next week.

  • ana says:

    82 postcards received – this has been a bit on a hiatus, since we don’t have the key to our mailbox yet.
    one of keri smith’s ideas done, number 49: Research a celebration or ritual from another culture. (http://meiadeleite.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=261&Itemid=9)

  • ana says:

    yay! today i won 1000 rmb worth of catering in a enjoy shanghai survey!
    (and i forgot to mention that the other week i got a $25 certificate on threadless, for a contribution on tcritic.com)

    i think can scrap number 29 out of my list!
    which proves the point that, sometimes, to win something, all you have to do is try :)

  • ana says:

    movies we have seen since i’ve started this list:
    diarios de motocicleta, memoirs of a geisha, the prize winner of defiance ohio. i think we’ve seen more, but we’ve been sticking to series mainly (and not that much lately, for the sake of productivity on postcrossing 2).

    btw, 85 postcards received. helloana.com is on the good track, and so is my chinese and i’ve fixed the archives, so now they’re browsable by month. i’d like to tune them up a bit, and maybe import some of the entries pre-2005, but i don’t know. for now, it stays like this.

    anyway, feels good to keep things going :)

  • ana says:

    so, the news:
    * 90 postcards received (yay!)
    * we saw ‘freedom writers’ and ‘last four songs’.
    * i’m cooking up an idea for a new project :)

  • Pedro says:

    I’ll say it in Portuguese: FANTÁSTICO!!! Simplesmente fantástico!!! Back to English Mode: amazing!!! This is a great idea!!! Hope you don’t mind, but I’ll do the same thing for my blog!!! Again…amazing idea!! I’m crossing my fingers for you!

  • Eddie says:

    Ola Ana,

    I haven’t done a list like this in years and now you’ve just inspired me to make a new one for 2010! But this time I’m also going to start one for all the things I want to do before I die…scary thought, but exciting as well. Thanks for the push!

  • ana says:

    small update: 100 postcards sent, 96 received! :D

  • neasneap says:

    i think i am going to do something like that… thanks for opinion.

  • ana says:

    it’s funny. i wanted to see 100 movies, but it seems i watch more movies when i’m on a plane than in any given month… here’s an update on the list anyway, 6 more movies i’ve seen.

    freedom writers
    the emperor’s club
    mr. magorium’s wonder emporium

    i’ve also started a new project: anitanachina.com. :)

  • Swiss James says:

    Grapes Of Wrath for your next classic?
    How do you define a classic anyway?

    Looks like this weekend would be a great day for number 85. Outside of the Science & Tech museum is a great kite flying spot, as is (I think it’s callled…) Gong Qing park.

  • gail says:

    what a good idea. may i take your lead? i think i need another project, hopefully something that won’t fizzle out.

    i bloghopped from postcrossing. :D

  • gail says:

    hi, thanks for the reply. :D Here’s mine. http://fluffygirdlebiscuits.blogspot.com/2008/05/101-things-in-1001-days.html

    I just hope I can finish half of them. :D

  • Carina says:

    Bem, ao ler a tua lista fiquei impressionada o quanto parecidas somos! :-)
    Curioso é o teu item nº 37! Há já alguns anos que adoro ver estes bolinhos. Sempre disse que algum dia havia de experimentar os fazer (adoooooooooooooro cozinhar). Prometo que se os fizer coloco uma foto no blog!
    Boa sorte com a tua lista.

  • ana says:

    so last week we went to hong kong and macau with a friend… which offered me a polaroid camera in return of our hospitality!! so happy and excited, i feel like i got 3 wishes granted in one :)

  • MINDYAPPLE says:

    hi i love your website..and this list..i am going to make a list 4 my own! btw, i am chinese currently living in U.S

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  • Diana says:

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  • Felisha says:

    I love this idea! How wonderful. And I love lists. :)

    Felisha (funshinefelisha @ postcrossing.com)

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