fishey contest!

last week troia, my little yellow guppy (a guppy is a tiny little species of aquarium fish) passed away.
porca was not feeling so good anymore, all alone… so friends around here decided to get him some company.
four guppies and a second hand aquarium later, i have 5 happy little fish, joyfully swimming all day long. problem is, they don’t have names… so the survey is open on the comments. what names do you suggest for the four new fishes? give it your best shot!

plus, there will a little something for the winner(s) :P what are you waiting for?

ps – i dont know much about their personality yet. one is black with blue reflections on the scales, one is half black half white, one is orange with purple dots and one is yellow, with white dots. the yellow one is faithfully followed by porca the whole day. :| they’re all tiny and lovely.

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