up up and away! no wait! not away… :(

levi and lulu, dear friends, feet on the sky.
he knows nothing about his future except he wants to fly somewhere and explore some more. she’ll return to shanghai in about a month, to wear her ally-macbeal-professional-outfit once again.
she wore a bikini for the first time the day i took this picture: we managed to convince her to do so, despite her relutance – as it is not morally allowed in china (or most asian countries, i’ve heard).
her big happy smile, sunbathing in the grass: “this is nice.”

i’ve been in the netherlands for the past 8 months, and now that my head is in countdown mode towards september, i can’t seem to actually believe it. not just yet. all my life is here (except for family and the bit of my heart that flew overseas), on this cozy room, walls filled with stories, details and memories.
living in the same corridor with all the people that got to be my closest friends. it’s just too good AND it’s true.

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  • lulu says:

    Dear Miao miao! The bikini is really nice:) I am amazed by your language latent and you made me feel proud of myself. I may go back to Shanghai and be a ally-macbeal lulu, while, believe me, I do prefer to be a Chinese teacer;)

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