i like new years. not so much for the party, or the new figure on the date, but more for the excuse to wipe our whiteboards clean and start again. i like these fresh days, where you can begin something, a project, a vision, just a new set of rules. people reinvent themselves each new year, on better people, on new motivations, on fresh wishes. suddenly, there are more smiles out there, more willingness to improve.

this year was such a full one, and a good one at that. a year of discovering countries and people, of crossing the ocean, of finding what i wanted – and a year of waiting for it.
it feels strange, it feels funny. in a way, it feels like being a pregnant woman, waiting for a baby for 9 months. all those months patiently dreaming of that special day, of that life changing event in the future. 22 days left now, and i know, with all the tiny atoms of my body, that it is worth every second of the time i spent waiting.

i wish all of you a happy 2007. may you be able to embrace your challenges this year and look in the bright side of them.


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