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mr. bolinhos suggested i did a review of my ipod shuffle, and here it goes. :)
for those of you that haven’t seen it yet, here’s the ad from apple.

i got mine on xmas, and before i owned one, i used to think shuffles were… well, weird. i thought i needed to choose what i wanted to hear or to see what was playing at the moment. i wanted control.
but as i found out, i don’t need it. some things are just meant to be enjoyed and with the shuffle you can do just that: relax and listen. i love it precisely because they made it compact and light, and nonetheless, easy easy.

anyway, there’s continuous and shuffle mode, and you can always skip songs, or go back to the beggining of your playlist. or fill it with another playlist when you get bored of feel like shaking your bootie. with 1gb there’s plenty of room for many songs or audiobooks and the battery holds plenty morning jogs or train trips.

then there’s the apple details, the simplicity that makes a difference. there is a little dock, which you plug through a usb cable to your mac/pc. the shuffle fits the dock through the headphones hole (one plug less) and there it is, charging, or ready to take some more music (just itunes required).

but what i love the most about it is the clip. bigger ipods or other music players are usually heavy or otherwise noticeable. you have to be careful in which pocket you put it and you cannot take off your jacket with your headphones on. impossible to wear on your pijama while you vaccum clean.
no problem for the shuffle. clip it on your tshirt (or pijama) and do everything without having to notice it. it’s just so portable and easy to carry around that you feel like you never need to take it out or otherwise worry about it. and now they even have it in 5 different colors.

two not-so-pleasant points though. if you’re a last.fm fan, the shuffle won’t scrobble your tunes (hardware incompatibility) and also, if you wear it on your belt or trousers, careful not to bump against other surfaces, you might scratch it. it’s not exactly fragile, it won’t break, but you tend to forget it is there quite easily.

truth is, i love mine. it feels urban and very very “me”. :)

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