boulder -> portugal -> china -> portugal

because i’m too anxious to talk about a certain apartment that may or may not be our next home (and for which i have a serious case of love at first sight), i’m going to digress and link an interview on público about (my) crocs. i’ve been a happy crocs‘s walker for a year now, and i cannot recommend them enough :)

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  • ana says:

    note: i know that they’ve switched my name towards the end of the article… oh well.

  • Pedro Custódio says:

    I confess, after months of listening to my wife talking about them so enthusiastic, I bought a pair, for the last 3 months they have been my 24/7 shoes for the entire summer!

    I curious to see whether there will be an equally comfortable and unique pair of shoes like Crocs for the coming winter.

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