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“Ernesto Guevara: What do we leave behind when we cross each frontier? Each moment seems split in two; melancholy for what was left behind and the excitement of entering a new land.”
from diarios de motocicleta.

if i hadn’t already felt the urge to travel to south america, i would surely get the itch after watching diarios de motocicleta: the story of young che guevara on his south-american continental roadtrip on a bike named la poderosa (“the mighty one”). the film photography is simple and stunning, eye-catching in its rawness.

besides, roadtrips fascinate me, as i am sure they do to many other travelers out there. my only stint at a roadtrip was a 3 or 4 days drive through colorado, utah and wyoming, over a year ago.
it was beautiful and liberating, and we plan to go back to the states and repeat it someday, with a twist: we shall visit an itinerary of odd-named places. it will certainly include highlights like potomac, normal, breakneck, chicken, gringo, frostproof, ding dong and most definitely choconut. no kidding!

above, our detour to visit a place called cisco. :)

3 comments to “on roadtrips”

  • Vitor says:

    don’t forget to visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zzyzx,_California :-)

  • Miruna says:

    Hello, Ana,
    Just a word – I found your blog via postcrossing and just want to say it made may day. I enjoyed the warm, relaxed and smart environment of your blog. And I love the meia de leite concept – and drink: was my favourite day drink when in Portugal.
    Not to keep you to long.

  • vera says:

    i (L) roadtrips!!! my last one was a five day roadtrip around the south island of new zealand, last month. 2000 kms. when we returned the car at the rental place, the guy asked us if we had actually stopped to sleep. it was awesome and i can’t wait for the next one.

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