snuznluz (to be read “snooze and lose”) is an alarm clock that connects via WiFi to your online bank account, and donates YOUR real money to an organization you HATE when you decide to snooze.

the people at thinkgeek have finally found out a way to make you want to wake up on time. with the snuznluz, everytime you press snooze when the alarm goes off, you donate a minimum of $10 to a charity you hate.

the clock is connected via wifi (or cable) and comes with an embedded configuration browser utility, that lets you set your bank details and to which charity you’d like to donate.

for example they say, if you’re a butcher you might want to donate to PETA, and vice-versa.

i’m more of a morning person, so snoozing doesn’t happen all that often… but how efficient would this be to you?

seen on bb-blog. shame on me that i’m so late on this april fool’s joke… but it would be such a great item! :)

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