the snow

snow berries

“the snow outside looks like someone is sprinkling powdered sugar on this pancake world“.
the phrase is not mine, but it fits perfectly to the kind of weather we have been enjoying here in shanghai. white skies, soft snow, freezing cold and icy roads and bridges. it’s fun for us, while the power supply is still stable and we can use the ac to (mildly) heat the house.

today though, when we entered the elevator, it didn’t move! instead, we heard a guy talking above us… no idea why the elevator wasn’t out of order if someone was fixing it, but it managed to scare the hell out of me – i’m not too fond of malfunctioning elevators.
we managed to get out, i calmed down and we walked the 31 floor downstairs since the other elevator was quite busy and frankly, i didn’t really feel like using it.

from what we hear though, all around china the weather has been giving people a much harder time – especially now, on the week before the chinese new year, the most important holiday week on the mainland. it’s the time of the year where migrant workers return to their home villages to spend the holidays with their families (their “christmas”), so it’s kind of sad that this is stopping people to get where they’re headed. adding to the usual seasonal shortage of train and bus tickets, there are also people stranded in train stations and airports all around china, because of delayed or cancelled flights/trains.

and it has just started snowing again…

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