so how was the chinese new year?

in a word: crazy. or genious. :D
i don’t know how to describe it, since i had never seen anything like this before. on time blog, someone wrote “…roughly the same as Christmas Eve (with the pyrotechnics of July 4 thrown in.)”

it was like being inside a computer game where you conquer and win everything and then at the end of the level everything erupts in joy and fireworks. something like that. surreal yet inexplicably beautiful, putting any fireworks show i’ve ever seem to shame. the city just exploded, and for hours wherever i looked there were fireworks, or strings of firecrackers on the floor!

here’s how it sounded like from our little window on the 31st floor: chinese new year.

crazy, right? as if you were in the middle of an air raid. i bet that if china had been attacked at midnight, no one would notice.

(and we can still hear them sparsely, now and then. yesterday we had to interrupt a movie we were watching more than a couple of times because we couldn’t hear anything with the noise… )

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