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Hmmmm……. I think for once, I’ll leave it to the Xinhua to say it for me. Here’s part of a recent editorial from China’s official news service:

“We are on our way to becoming a powerful country, and we should also learn to think like citizens of a big country. A strong country not only has a strong economy, but also a mature mentality. This includes the ability to take pressure in stride, and face difficulties in a rational way.”

seen on the Time: China blog. go ahead and read the whole post, for some insight on the “high emotions” running in china these days.

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  • Yufei says:

    Hey there :) Happened to chance upon your blog and thought it is really interesting!I’m 16, girl, postcrosser, Chinese and living in Singapore but born in Shanghai. So I guess I’m half-Shanghainese since I still speak the dialect!Shanghai is really cool, despite all the pollution/politics etc, so I hope you’ll enjoy your time there!And good luck with Chinese too, it’s one of the most awesome language ever :D

    Oh and your pets are just too adorable!I love cats too!

    Love from Singapore,
    Name in Chinese would be: 裕菲 first word pronounced as Yu(the way when you pronounce u in french)

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