stumbled upon a flickr set with beautiful photography and a voyeuristic edge: daily contents dyptics.

faces + content of their bags. it’s addictive and beautifully done. i chose this dyptic because i’ve just got myself a little camera like one of those pictured above, the split-cam. the description on its microsite reads “the most schizophrenic 35mm camera to ever land in your palms.” .
sounds promising, can’t wait to see the first roll!

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  • Swiss James says:

    Very cool flickr account- would like to see him (her?) post it as a proper blog too.

    I’m never sure about anything from lomo, they always seem overpriced and a bit pretentious to me. Can’t you just use PS to do whatever the split-cam can do?

    I’ve got lomo fisheye (a present) and still haven’t finished the first film- maybe if I did I’d change my mind.

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