panties for peace!

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Canadian human rights groups are calling on women to take part in a unique protest against Burma’s military junta.

The Quebec Women’s Federation and the activist group Rights and Democracy are coordinating the Canadian edition of “Panties for Peace!” — an international campaign to pressure the Burmese government towards democratic reforms.

Organizers say the idea began after the Burmese government cracked down on pro-democracy activists. Last fall, pro-reform demonstrations led by monks garnered international attention after the military attacked protesters and arrested their leaders.

The idea behind the campaign has to do with the superstitious beliefs of Burma’s military leaders. Human rights activists say the leaders believe that contact with women’s underwear will sap them of their power. Women — and by extension their clothing — are considered inferior by powerful men in Burma, say campaign organizers.

what an unusual protest! ladies, if you don’t feel like doing the underwear – send it in!
if it works, it will definitely be worth it! :)

the full story, here.

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