sunny malaysia and a year older


the water was as warm and clear as promised. the sand was white and there were lots and lots of colorful fish swimming in amazing coral reefs. our week in redang island was short and sweet, but felt like a month away from shanghai.

malaysia caught me off guard in many aspects, but made such an impression on both of us that i can see us living in kuala lumpur in the future. what an exquisite mixture of people, architecture, colors, cultures, languages…

more on this soon. meanwhile, thank you to everybody who wrote or twitted me happy birthday! turning 26 on the beach and sharing the cake with impromptu friends was pretty neat. :) and now, on to another brilliant year!

6 comments to “sunny malaysia and a year older”

  • azhan says:

    OMG you were in Malaysia! I hope you enjoyed this country =)

    tracklesspanic =]

  • sushi lover says:

    hey, n sabia! parabéns!! também és gémeos portanto. eu sou de dia 13!
    bom regresso a vida chinesa!

  • isi says:

    ohhhhh..tenho de admitir que tenho visitado a sua página todos os dias durante a sua “ausência”, só para admirar a foto do post anterior.
    Longe de causar inveja provocava-me uma vaga de sensações deliciosas.
    Espero que as suas férias tenham corrido tão bem quanto o gozo que o seu blog proporcionou-me.

  • vitor says:


  • v. says:

    parabéns!!! :D já venho atrasada mas não fazia ideia…

    que bom que tiveste umas boas férias. a foto é linda.

  • Aniza says:

    Glad to hear that you had a great time in Pulau Redang. Happy Belated Birthday!!

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