ice cream-sandwich time!

icecream sandwich

lonely planet (aka, the tourists bible) said we should taste the ice cream sandwich in the streets of singapore, and of course, as prompt and faithful tourists, we were eager to try it.

it’s basically a big block of wall’s icecream (or olá for the portuguese readers) between two thin waffles or slices of pink bread. mango and coffee were pretty good, and they even had it in durian flavor… we were not brave enough to try it out but i wonder if the ice cream smells as bad as the fruit (which is actually forbidden in singapore’s metro).

icecream sandwich

3 comments to “ice cream-sandwich time!”

  • V. says:

    that looks nice :) i love having thin waffles with ice cream. One of the tips that someone gave me here (and that i had never heard before) is to heat the ice cream in the micro wave for like 10 or 15 seconds, with the waffle. it might sound weird but maaan it’s yummy!

    paulo, i have that tshirt too! :D

  • Nathalie says:

    Eeeeeeh… are you supposed to BITE into this ???

  • Vicki says:

    I have eaten durian several times. :) Tastes quite nice. I prefer it slightly frozen as it is then like an frosty.

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