what do all the filipino girls in hong kong do on their day off?

well, as we found out in our recent stay there, they camp under the hsbc building and on parks and empty streets in central for the purpose of socializing. they’re literally everywhere you can look at!

we had a bit of a hard time “understanding” why so many people were there (especially hsbc’s plaza?), but as we discovered, they stay there all day, doing each others nails, having picnics, chatting, dancing and singing, exercising, knitting, doing business, playing cards… it’s really quite something and a big surprise to see that the government actually cuts some roads for them to “occupy” on that day!

we didn’t get any good pictures of the phenomena, but here are a few from flickr (by furiousgeorge and ljubisa):

impressive, isn’t it?

6 comments to “what do all the filipino girls in hong kong do on their day off?”

  • Nídio says:

    O grande mistério de Hong Kong :)

  • Teresa Susana says:

    Absolutely … I think that’s why the oriental women are considered with the best skills on doing nails :-)

    Ana estou deliciada com as tuas fotografia. Decididamente vou-me fazer de convidada e qualquer dia faço-te uma visita e prometo que te levo um café Sical e bebemos juntas uma meia de leite :-) :-)

  • joana says:

    que engraçado!

  • hugo says:

    this blew my mind when i was last in hong kong. just so many woman EVERYWHERE picnicking, chatting, and just enjoying themselves. glad to see you brought it up.

  • sushi lover says:

    how odd?!

    melhor q estar em casa a aborrecer-se!

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