bulb’d holga

while i was in beijing, i kept thinking something was wrong with my holga. the sound of the shutter didn’t sound right, it was… different.

yesterday when i got the film back from the shop, i glanced the negative and was relieved to see there was something there, so maybe not all was lost. i got home, ran to the computer and put the cd inside, and what do i discover? a film of shaken, overexposed pictures. hum… could it be? i flip the holga around, and there is the culprit: the switch on the bulb position. oh well… i don’t know how that happened, but at least it isn’t broken!

in the end, i don’t completely dislike the string of caffeinated photographs that came out of this roll. here are a few:
temple of heaven

temple of heaven

bell or drum tower

bell or drum tower

2 comments to “bulb’d holga”

  • p says:

    don’t dreams look exactly like this? blurry and unevenly out of focus? :)

  • Kristian says:

    just how did it sound when it was in ”bulb-mode”?
    I got my holga camera to day, but i think something i wrong with the shutter… when I have it on ”H” and I press down the shutter release button, it sounds like it’s just opening and not shutting, when i release my finger from it, THEN it sounds like it’s shutting.
    When i shhot in ”B” the opesite happens, it sounds like its opening AND closing in a 1/100 sec shoot when i press it down, no sounds to be heard when i release my finger..

    shouldn’t it be opposite? ”B” stands for bulb, and thats when you can choose your own exposure.. right?


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