waxing, in shanghai

this is a post for the girls* :)

when i came to china, i quickly realized two things: chinese people don’t use deodorant because they barely sweat, and on top of that, most chinese girls hardly have any body hair. it’s really annoying, and it makes it especially hard for us “normal” girls to get a decent waxing that doesn’t cost a kidney. i don’t like the DIY alternative, which usually ends up with me making a mess at home, or hurling out in disbelief of the pain i am inflicting myself… sure, waxing hurts, but it’s quick and it lasts long, so the benefits clearly beat the alternatives!

anyway, i searched the internet left and right until i stumbled on someone who does exactly what i was looking for! olga medeiros is a nice brazilian lady, who lives and works in the gubei area. she does manicures, pedicures and waxing in a friendly and professional environment, with products of good quality. just send her an email (olga.medeiros@gmail.com) to schedule.

so here it is, a first hand recommendation for girls in need! olga really deserves some publicity and posting it here is really the least i can do :)

* although I think she does waxing for boys too, but i’m not 100% sure

ps – posts are a bit delayed due to a mix of deadlines, a friend’s bday party, more mess ups by a certain airline regarding some pets, and general life craziness… but i am trying to catch up!

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