thai house

me and paulo made a list of all the places we want to go before we leave shanghai – i guess we’re now in official count down mode (though i still feel a bit in denial…)
one of the places in that list was thai house, which was one of the first restaurants we visited in shanghai. it was introduced to me by my first colleague in the company i work (in the beginning, it was just the 2 of us, now we’re more than 16 in the office…) who has meanwhile got married and had a baby… yup, china is fast.

anyway, thai house. it’s a little restaurant tucked away inside an apartment building (really!) on wuding road/xikang road. it has the feeling of a hidden treasure that you can brag about to your friends, as if you were a city connoisseur :)
the pictures:
the new menu

they have a new menu and it is much less confusing than their previous menu with hundreds of choices! :D

the lonely shrimp crisp

the shrimp crisps, they’re so addictive! i almost ate them all before i remembered to take a picture!

dishes & spoons

pad thai!

i always have pad thai in this place, i can’t help it, it’s delicious!

beef and chicken with mango

paulo had the beef and mango dish, and luis had chicken and mango. they were both happy with their choices.


and this coconut jelly dessert is so good! i really like bite-sized desserts, and they get bonus points if they have coconut :)

that’s it! i definitely recommend it, it’s not an expensive thai restaurant (which seems to be the rule in shanghai) and the waiters are all nice and smiley, very thai-like!

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