lunch at the company

i take all the pictures of food in the blog on the restaurants we go to for dinner, so today i thought i’d show something different: a typical lunch in the company. here it is:
lunch at the company

it’s basically a set of random chinese dishes with meat, fish, vegetables, tofu, etc that everybody shares. the ayi orders it from a small restaurant, and an hour later, the delivery boy brings it around and she screams “chi fan le!” :)

sometimes the dishes are good, sometimes they’re not, but since there’s some variety you can always choose the ones you like best. stuff in heavy sauce doesn’t make it to my dish, but in contrast, the beef strips and the curry chicken are a favorite.

my "plate"

we’re usually 8 people eating, and the bill is a grand total of 80rmb, or 10rmb per person (8 euros total, 1 euro/person). amazing, hein?

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  • Nathalie says:

    I went to have lunch with Mikko in a chinese restaurant close his working place. Their lunch menu is more or less the cheapest kind of meal you can get around here (not including professionnal cafeterias, which are sponsored by companies). You get a single dish, like one of yours, for… 8 euros. Quite a difference in prices !

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