to mr cheng

a cool project that tests the limits of postal workers’ patience, one strange object at a time.

check the interview with the artist on wired magazine for some more insight on the project. a small preview: You have previously published books of letters, for example one where you sent letters with odd ideas to authorities, like asking a Swedish municipality if it could host a North American Indian tribe. Why are you so fascinated by letters?
Ericson: Sending things is a fun way to communicate, and I love the seriousness in letters. I mean, you would never receive a lawsuit by e-mail. There is something about letters, especially nowadays when they are getting more and more rare, and we’re communicating in other ways instead.

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  • swiss James says:

    Great stuff- I remember when I was a boy there was a puppet on TV called Ed The Duck.

    Kids would send letters to him just addressed as “Ed The Duck”, or “Ed The Duck, TV land, England” and they would arrive. I always found that interesting.

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