my most precious christmas present this year was a scanner, the mighty canon 8800f. since leaving china, i have been searching for a way to get negatives scanned, quickly, cheaply and with quality, but the results (and the options) were often demotivating. so i ended up dragging film along, shooting less and less of it in the past few months.

i know a lot of people that are able to work magic with a digital camera, but i’m not one of them. to me, digital is efficient and cheap – but it doesn’t quite translate the feeling i get from analogue… and so, i’m quite happy to now be able to shoot and scan again, to my heart’s content.
ferris wheel

the only problem i’ve found so far has been dust. it’s everywhere and i can’t seem to keep it out of my negatives, no matter how much i clean them… tips?

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  • Hugo says:


    1. go to a good lab. my experience with cheap labs is that they are dusty places and they don’t wash the negatives well. a good lab will deliver clean negatives. failing that, wash the at home with a little photoflow.

    2. dust control at home. a lot of dustbusting is a must. moist air would be nice too.

    3. an air bulb. forget the cans of air, get something like a giotto rocket air blaster.

    4. static-master brush. these little brushes have a strip of polonium that neutralizes static electricity and suck up dust like magic.

  • Wagner says:

    Todas as foto do site são muito bonitas. Esta, achei magnífica!

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