pep talk

…yeah, not much to say. these are from what i thought was the last snow of the season, but hey… it’s snowing again!
i suppose i should look at it from the bright side – more time for winter sports, right? except… i gave snowboarding a try some weeks ago, and was beaten bad, with bruises to prove it. plus, i’ve developed a mild fear of button lifts
i’ve been gathering up courage to go back. i mean, i doubt i’ll ever live 30 min from the slopes again, so i should enjoy it, right? right. ok, let’s do this.

6 comments to “pep talk”

  • v. says:

    That’s right! Good luck for next time! :)

  • tozé says:

    “puxa-rabos” are the worst for snowboarders!

  • Deva says:

    Brutais as fotos!

  • Nathalie says:

    Yeah, same feeling here: bright sun, you think spring has come, but then it snows again. I like your pep talk though, I should apply it to myself. Only i won’t try snowboarding (no mountain around) but cross-country skiing. Everyone says it’s extremely exhausting + expensive, but as you I live so close to the tracks… Yeah, I’ll do that (maybe).

  • fensismensi says:

    I took my different path to work today, and I have the same pictures, except the last one. so funny. and I have it on film.

  • spider says:

    What a beautiful surroundings… Totally different from what we have in the Netherlands. Those mountings, the view of the sky line and the city, I’m almost jealous!

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