čevapčiči was the only balkan dish we had heard of before going to slovenia, a recommendation from the mother of a friend who had fond memories of it, many years after having visited the country. it’s a simple dish, meaty & greasy, and a mess to eat, but oh so good!

it consists of minced meat, shaped into small sausage-like bits and grilled. there are several variations of the dish: the slovenians serve it with warm lepinja (flat pocket bread), onions and delicious kajmak (clotted cream). we prefer the pola-pola version that harambaša serves, with 5 čevapčiči and 2 sausages:

grab a piece of lepinja, slather it with the creamy kajmak, stick a piece of čevapčiči in it, and enjoy! (for extra slovenian points, wash it down with some cockta or the local laško!)

harambaša is on vrtna ulica 8, ljubljana.

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