six movies to see and understand berlin a little bit better

we’re slowly working our way through a big “berlin movie list”, discovering a number of movies that portrait berlin in its different eras. they set the atmosphere to the places we visit and the books we read. we recognise the streets and sidewalks, the façades, the monuments, and even the everyday objects that we now see elevated to relics in flea markets across town… it’s quite magical.

in ljubljana we were lucky to find to so gadi, which takes place in the same houses we lived in. but in berlin, it feels like the whole city is a movie set.

any movies you’d like to recommend?

4 comments to “six movies to see and understand berlin a little bit better”

  • cris says:

    não me lembro de mais nenhum mas esses são todos excelentes. :)

  • v. says:

    nice list! love run lola run and good bye lenin! the only other one i can think of suggesting is Der Himmel über Berlin. Really nicely done film.

  • Arlene says:

    Hi Ana, thank you for the postcard and thank you too for the comment. I am trying to feature as much as i can all the postcards i received so far.

    I am interested of the movies you shared here. Are these movies in English or they are dubbed in English? I wish i can find them here in our country. I love modern movies but gives a glimpse of what is in the past. or modern ones but influenced of the experiences of the past.

  • ana says:

    @Arlene: These movies were in German, but I watched them with English subtitles :) I would say Goodbye Lenin and The Lives of Others are the most famous ones, so try to find those first!

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