berlin is analogue, potsdamer platz is digital

In the wild 1920s, the pleasure-seeking population would meet here in the cafes, varietés, cinemas and with the “women of the night”. And today? Let’s just say this: Potsdamer Platz is without a doubt, the place in Berlin that feels the least like Berlin. Berlin is eternally unfinished, raw, surprising, a little rough around the edges, confusing, ugly and yet beautiful. Potsdamer Platz on the other hand represents the highly polished picture of the modern urban dream that can be found all over the world. It has slick and smooth facades but it’s also disposable and hollow somehow. In the language of photography: Berlin is analogue and Potsdamer Platz is digital. But you should photograph it anyway, and then jump quickly back into Berlin!

quote from the awesome lomography city guide to berlin (thanks silvia!)

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