last month we bought a raclette as a present for some friends. we were introduced to the raclette concept last year by a friend who lived in switzerland prior to moving to slovenia (it’s a typical swiss dish).

you need an electric table-top grill, which has small individual pans, where you make your dishes. you can use anything you want on it, but things like mushrooms, boiled potatoes, cold meats and cheese are customary. the food is put on the small pans and covered with cheese. you can also grill other things on top of it.

i think the best part about it is that it makes dinner really easy to have with friends. there’s something for everyone, and we can cook and eat dinner simultaneously, while chatting. all you have to do is set the table with everything you want – this way there isn’t one single person slaving away in the kitchen while the others are being entertained elsewhere. plus, melted cheese is like bacon… it makes everything better! :)

6 comments to “raclette”

  • Iris says:

    This is something I have wanted to try for years now, ever since a French penpal wrote to me about it. Your pictures make me drool. Can I come over…? *puppy dog eyes and tongue hanging out*

  • Saskia says:

    In the Netherlands we do this too very often… It is so much fun! Boyfriend and I traditionally do it on New Year’s Eve, but it is also great when we are having friends over for dinner :-)

  • J. says:

    That looks really fun! Love the colours

  • zasa says:

    well i have to admit that there are several ways to enjoy a raclette. it’s all a question about your origin homebase. my bf would complain when he would see that you put the cheese in those little pans (he’s coming from mount matterhorn) – in bern you usually only smelting the cheese without any stuff ;) But i must also admit, that i would love to have such a colorful raclette on my table :D and as you wrote in your post: it’s the best thing for chatting and eating at the same time – you have to try fondue! it’s also a super comfy chatting dish ;)

  • ana says:

    @zasa: i’ve never tried fondue before! you should come to berlin on your european tour and teach us how to do it!

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