we live in a middle-eastern neighborhood, a small island of strange accents, shisha bars and small turkish shops. and since their food is cheap and tasty, we like to indulge in it every once in a while. i can say that by now, we’ve tried and learnt more about middle-eastern specialities than we have german ones… so why not write a sort of glossary about them?

first up (cheese will always come first), halloumi!

we quite like halloumi. traditional from cyprus, it’s a cheese made with goat and sheep’s milk. it feels like mozarella, but saltier, and since it is usually fried or grilled, it reminds us a bit of the slovenian fried cheese. all the falafel shops seem to have a variation of the halloumi salad above, usually with some mint in them. yum! :)

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  • Nathalie says:

    They sell Halloumi here in every supermarket but I never dared buying it because I had no idea how to accomodate it. This salad looks tempting though. So it contains tomatoes, grilled halloumi slices, and what else? Is this herb basil? And is this sauce some salad dressing with yoghurt?

  • ana says:

    @Nathalie: i’m not sure what it was, but i know there was mint somewhere, and the sauce is usually yoghurt based, with some herbs :)

  • dürüm döner | meiadeleite.com says:

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