quiet ode

I’ve searched the holy books and I’ve dogeared every page
I’ve stolen secrets from the sorcerer’s own sage
Although a connoisseur of fine legerdemain
I’ve just one word for you…


after raising me and my brother, my nanny had grandkids: two boys, who were not exactly easy children – they were rowdy, loud, often getting themselves into trouble. i remember once, one of them broke his head while horsing around, and my mom took him to the hospital. when he returned home, fresh stitches on his forehead, his first concern was to show his wrist to everyone in the street. on it, my mother had drawn a big watch.

after that, i’ve seen her pull this trick on unsuspecting children a few times. if they’re crying or fidgety, she’ll quietly ask them the time, and whether they have a watch? when they say no, she pulls a pen from her pocket and proceeds to draw them one on their wrist. it’s always a big success, and the child will go off, big-eyed and proud, pain already forgotten.

she is extraordinary.

* song by jill tracy.

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  • Nathalie says:

    This is a very cute trick! My grand-mother had another one: when as small children we would fall and start crying (as long as there was no serious pain), she would start complaining that we had damaged the floor. “Look this tile, can’t you see it’s in pain? It needs you to comfort it! Look how sad it looks!” We would first be startled because she did not worry about us but about the floor, then try to comfort the tile, and after that the cry was over. Clever women :)

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