“in berlin, people live in their kiez, someone told us when we’d just arrived to the city. we didn’t really notice it in the first year, so eager that we were to discover the whole of berlin… but now, we can definitely see a trend – we’re spending more and more time in our own neighbourhood, limiting our explorations to the sphere that is reachable by bike, and unconsciously avoiding longer metro rides. neukölln is a bit like little istanbul, with its multiplying donër shops and plethora of boutiques selling the latest in muslim fashion. but the rest of berlin is… different.

all of this to say that i miss some parts of it, like the imposing façades that line up friedrichstraße, which seem to convey this idea of a solid, lasting germany… it’s been a while since we were last there. we should make an effort got get out of the kiez more! :)

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