this is us

our friend klara was one of the big motivators behind our move to berlin. when she showed us around her adopted city on a cold winter snap 2 years ago, she gushed with enthusiasm and pride – and we knew right then and there that we wanted to live in berlin too, and experience it all.

she’s also a pretty amazing street photographer, and always carries her camera in tow – which is why we don’t even blink anymore when she points her lenses at us! she took these shots of me and the boy on the thai park. they’re not staged, and they don’t show our best sides only, but i really, really like them.

i don’t usually post photos of myself, and always feel a bit self-conscious looking at them… but yeah. i think it’s time to do something about that and step a little bit out of my comfort zone. besides, we have so little photos of ourselves throughout the years… so here they are for posterity. :)

you should definitely check out klara’s street photography blog for more of her neat photos! :)

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