four cheeses we’ve tried and liked

here’s an update on my quest to try 20 different cheeses. i should say that i’m not a cheese connoisseur by any means, though i really like them. but since i’ve been more on a paleo phase of late (and discovered i’m relatively sensitive to lactose), i only do a small tasting now and then – while the boy gets to slather his crackers with generous portions of the stuff!

le brin: soft and smooth, with a very light taste. we quite liked it!

wensleydale with cranberries: hello, little bit of heaven! soft, crumbly, and melts-in-your-mouth kind of cheese. the sweetness of the cranberries adds a sort of playful touch to it, so nice :)

frischkäse with almonds and pineapple: i’m not such a big fan of the fresh cheeses, but the boy really likes them. the pineapple/almond combo adds both sweetness and crunchiness to it, which helps to atone for its lack of texture.

bavaria blue: very creamy and mild, but i guess not that different from other blue cheeses out there.

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