the game is afoot

so guess where we were in london…

north gower street! :D which sounds completely random, and i bet you’ve never heard of before… but if you’re a fan of bbc’s sherlock, you’ll probably recognise the door, and the cafĂ© next to it from the series. i’m a huge fan, and so we did a couple of little detours to visit some of the sites in the show. i know, it’s corny, but hey! i plead my right to be a nerdy tourist in a foreign country! :)

i also dragged paulo along to st. bartholomew’s hospital, to look up from the pavement to the edge of the roof… it’s a pretty big fall.

on a nearby phone booth, fans had left dozens of love notes for their heroes, like a little johnlock shrine.

aaaaand of course, we visited baker street as well, which ended up being the most crowded (and the least interesting) of the three locations. we skipped the little museum inside, which we heard wasn’t all that good.

and that was it for our little sherlock’s tour of london! i wonder if next time i’ll be able to convince the boy to visit some dr. who places… :P

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  • WoAi says:

    Yes, cannot wait for the 3rd season of Sherlock. In the mean time, it’s not as good, but the American TV show “Elementary” keeps me going. You probably know that Jonny Lee Miller who plays Sherlock in the US show starred with Benedict Cumberbatch in a theatre version of Frankenstein in 2011 and each night they would swap roles, one playing the monster and the other playing Frankenstein. So they’re sort of used to playing the same roles. Weird!

  • ana says:

    @WoAi: we followed elementary, but it doesn’t feel right. jonny lee miller is great, but somehow the show feels too much like “dr. house”, only with crimes instead of diseases… we’ll stick with catching up on doctor who for now! :)

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