finnish kitchen cupboards

a drying rack over the sink, hidden from view in a cupboard… is a pretty genius idea, if you ask me!

wash the dishes and put them up there to dry – no need for the ugly rack that seems to take up half of the counter space! in my informal survey of finnish kitchens (a grand total of 3), all of them had this neat little feature. i heard that they’re common in other countries as well, but so far, i’ve only seen them in finland.

our hosts used it mostly as a storage place though, since they had a dish washer…

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  • Nathalie says:

    You can add several more Finnish kitchens to your survey, if you add my experience to yours; I’ve seen only one Finnish kitchen without this kind of cupboard, and only because the sink was located in front of a window, which rendered it impossible. I love this custom too!

  • Valentina says:

    I have one of that in my kitchen! :d So i wait for you to visit me. There are some romanian kitchens like that also :)

  • ana says:

    @Valentina I shall come and inspect all the Romanina kitchens I can find! :D

  • Valentina says:

    Yes, you should! :d:d

  • PaulaAL says:

    Nós costumávamos chamar ‘cozinha à espanhola’ porque passamos férias em apartamentos em espanha com isso. Quando montámos a nossa cozinha ikea, não nos escapou! :)

  • Dailan says:

    They are quite common in Italy too :)

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