one second every day – december 2014

so… december! it was truly a bipolar month — the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new adventure.

(sorry for the video’s low quality… not sure what happened there)

we spent the first half of the month frantically selling and giving away every last piece of furniture. we packed our boxes and suitcases, we fretted, we soaked up all the bits of germany… and then we jumped on a plane and got to see all our friends and family for 2 whole weeks before driving south to the promised land! :)

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  • Joana says:

    Hello Ana, bem-vinda!
    Alguma vez tiveste problemas a fazer o upload do video para o vimeo ou youtube? Eu nunca consigo ficar apenas com 30s, o vimeo prolonga-me para 59s!60s, prolonga a última frame, e isso acontece-me sempre – ja fiz vários uploads, incluindo da aplicação!

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