one second everyday – february 2015

so… february. yeah.

i think that frame where paulo says “the situation is a little strange…” pretty much sums it up.

we’re still stuck in the limbo of not having electricity (and therefore gas or internet) on the house we rented — and no idea of when that is going to happen. the landlord is apologetic, but still expects us to wait however long it takes for it to happen (latest prediction: another month!) and keep paying the rent for a house in which we cannot live. frankly, i’m… speechless at the way we’re being treated, and sorely missing our fierce berliner mieterverein.

so, we keep our life in boxes and we wait. for landlords, for lawyers, for electricians, for papers to magically show up.

and while we wait, we look at the blue skies and think about how fortunate we are — still, in spite of, regardless. we’re here, we’re healthy, it’s sunny — and everything will be ok in the end.

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