like rolling a mortar up the hill

the other day, we went into a buddhist temple featuring a mummified monk wearing sunglasses, and i tried my hand at having my fortune read by some magical sticks. first, you shake the sticks on a little cup until one of them falls out. each stick is numbered, so you read the number on your stick and proceed to collect your fortune from a cupboard. mine was number 28, the last number on the cupboard.

here’s what it read:

It’s like being reaped by the whirlwind so you scarcely find any good fortune. Your karma brings you hardship and obstacles. Your life is tired like rolling a mortar up the hill. However, your illness is not so serious. You’re still quite far from finding a lover. May be your friends will get angry about some nonsense. Your escaping debtors would never get in touch. If you’re expecting a baby, you surely would have a daughter.

ahahah! :D i laughed so much when i read my (mis)fortune — there’s nothing good in it! and then i felt kind of bad for the people who believe in these things…

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