perpendicular parking

on our first full day in bangkok, our friend joy drove us to a mall (i’ll tell you why later!). we were driving around the parking lot looking for a spot and noticed something weird: most of the cars were parked in rows like here, but there were other cars parked perpendicularly in front of them! how did that work? well, we were about to find out:

so, step by step:

– move perpendicular car out of the way
– park your own car in the spot you’ve found
– move perpendicular car back to where it was before

whoa! turns out, all the perpendicular cars are parked out of gear, so that they can be easily moved back and forth. it felt weird for us to move other people’s cars, and i’m not 100% convinced that it actually saves space. plus if you’re parking alone, it’s quite a bit more work… but still pretty cool! :D

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