weeknotes, 12/21

– seeing the in-laws get the first dose of the vaccine, at last! they’re in their 80s, and it feels like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders, like a cloud that had been there for a whole year slowly dissipating. there’s nothing like this overwhelming feeling of relief, of knowing your family will be ok.

– i’ve been trying to eat a bit better this year, and i’m now at my lowest weight in… 10 years? seems a bit implausible, but i guess the scale doesn’t lie. eating mostly keto + not going out seem to have done more in 3 months than all my half-assed diets in previous years. i still have some kilos to go, but feeling pretty pleased with myself already. :)

– saw our first western yellow wagtail and also an iberian green woodpecker!

– the fields all around us smell like orange blossom and it’s just so dreamy.

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