one second everyday — july 2017

apologies for the silence and mostly automatic posts… august has been brilliant so far, which leaves little time for blogging. now that i’ve managed to somehow bust my back (again!) with an acrobatic jump to the ubahn though, i’m lying in bed taking it easy… on the upside, more time for posting! :D

anyway, here’s what july looked like:

– crafty afternoons and many summer meals with friends
– hosting a biker cousin and his friends
– petsitting our neighbours’ friendly dog
– quick pitstop on our way north to explore maat with jenny
– paulo’s dad turned 80!

and then, really at the end of the month we jumped on a plane for a whole month of adventures abroad! :D

analogue wednesday #105

and my favourite crop from R4R-2, is this frame featuring paulo on the wheel blending into a dramatic church. i spend quite a bit of time riding shotgun, so these kind of photos from the passenger perspective will probably pop up now and then. maybe i’ll turn them into a tradition! :)

analogue wednesday #104

people + southern boats, from R4R-2.

analogue wednesday #103

random people (and paulo!) caught on R4R-2, a black and white film roll swapped on Roll4Roll between me and mokko8.

analogue wednesday #102

first frames from R4R-2, the second roll i double-exposed and developed from Roll4Roll. this one contains bit of portugal and spain, by me and mokko8.