analogue wednesday #19




mondim de basto, portugal.

analogue wednesday #18



one second every day – june 2014

in june we sat down and studied. we studied until the stages of meiosis entered our dreams uninvited, until couldn’t see a rock on the street without thinking how it was formed, what it was made of, how did it get here.

and yet, the exam didn’t go so well for the kid… so round 2 it is. we’re staying positive and charging ahead, two weeks to go now.

ps – grandpa turned 90, while i turned 32! :)

one second every day – may 2014

may was… all over the place! :)

some highlights:

- a short (but lovely) trip to guernsey, to launch their postcrossing stamp
- making cheese for the first time
- and then relocating to the countryside, studying, clocking in lots of family time :)

the bucolic experiment

one month ago, we temporarily relocated to the middle of nowhere in order to help my cousin daniela get through the national exams (and, fingers crossed, into college). so it’s been a month of synecdoches, trigonometry and mitochondria… but it’s also been a month where we’ve eaten loquats straight from the trees, dipped our feet on the ice-cold water of the water tank, saw my grandpa celebrate his 90th birthday, watered my mom’s vegetable patch and watched the bees buzz around in the afternoon sun…


everything here is simpler, cheaper, sunnier. it all feels foreign and yet, so familiar, so natural. i miss my friends and i miss the big city, but i feel almost… content here. it’s nice, this countryside life.