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analogue wednesday #238

fragile dunes.

analogue wednesday #236

pool jumping with cousins

pool jumping with cousins

pool shenanigans with small cousins.

analogue wednesday #235

the minox has been out of commission for awhile now, much to my dismay. the boy’s canon ae-1 is great, but it’s not a tiny camera that fits in every pocket. so i took it to the doctor and the diagnose was… a spent battery. really?! i was very sceptic when i put a roll back into it a few weeks ago while in the north, going around shooting random things in the in-law’s farm.

corn fields

corn tips

it seems to work though! sadly, the only roll i had at hand was an 800 iso, so there’s grain like pixels in these photos. i don’t mind though — i’m just glad to have my favorite camera back. hurray!

analogue wednesday #234

two landscapes: the cubist houses of olhão on the boy’s t-shirt from joana rosa bragança, and brisbane’s skyline shot by gianni, on R4R-97.

analogue wednesday #233

my kindle is turning 10 this year, and amazingly, it still lives!

these days, it’s mostly used to catch up on instapaper articles or to read some graded readers in chinese — the dictionary is a life-saver!

from R4R-97, double-exposed with gianni.