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analogue wednesday #210

p’s parents’ dog is always happy to see us! from R4R-71, double-exposed with Lisa, in the US.

analogue wednesday #209

R4R-71 (swapped with Lisa, in the US) is a bit eery sometimes, the way one picture mixes with another so perfectly. nice autumn vibes on this one!

analogue wednesday #207

so, as i was saying, the best part of the vindima is this:

grandma’s fried codfish! :D it’s a hearty breakfast and everyone loves it,¬†from kids to grown-ups. my job is usually to take the breakfast to the people harvesting the wine, and when i get there with my basket there’s always smiles and happiness all around! :)

analogue wednesday #206

september is vindima (or grape harvesting) season in the north. we missed it this year, but here are some photos from my parent’s harvest last year, shot with the boy’s canon ae-1.

it’s a big day for the family, with everyone coming together to help. the best part of it though? i’ll show you next wednesday! :)

analogue wednesday #205

when i first looked at this photo, i thought the boats were for sure my exposure, from the neighboring town of santa luzia… but no! the palm trees are mine, and the boats are from scotland between moray firth and black isle, shot by matthew (aka megalithicmatt on R4R-94.