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analogue wednesday #197

more light-spotted views from R4R-50 (shot with thibaud thomas), probably double-exposed in toronto for my part.

analogue wednesday #195

R4R-50 (shot with thibaud thomas) was the last roll i did with the lca+ before the shutter stopped doing its thing. only a few frames were exposed on my side, and this was one of them. neons always look great in double-exposures!

analogue wednesday #194

the view from our living room window, 10 years ago.

analogue wednesday #193

a couple of snaps of dani, one of my most loyal blog readers, who always complains when i backdate posts! :D

analogue wednesday #192

all this chinese learning has made me miss china a lot lately, so today’s analogue wednesday is a throwback to 10 years ago — almost to the day.