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what customer support is all about

(…) The customer who seeks out your help isn’t often looking to deplete your bank account. He is usually seeking validation, support and a path to feeling the way he felt before you let him down.

The best measurement of customer support is whether, after the interaction, the customer would recommend you to a friend. Time on the line, refunds given or the facts of the case are irrelevant. The feelings are all that matter, and changing feelings takes humanity and connection, not cash.” – Seth Godin


yesterday, we had a quintessential german experience and rode a paternoster elevator. well, paulo rode it, because i was too chicken to give it a try… just looking at it go was making me all sweaty and anxious. if you don’t know what it is, watch the whole video below and behold the magic! :)

isn’t it awesome?! :D it was really exciting to finally see one actually working!

the paternoster is basically a cyclic elevator, consisting of a chain of compartments that move slowly in a loop without stopping.

they used to be somewhat common in europe, but have slowly been retired for security concerns. some people even say the elevator’s name, paternoster, comes from people praying for a safe ride :)

this one is located at the rathaus schöneberg (on the steps of which JFK proclaimed he was a berliner). the lady at the entrance was very helpful, and took my eager german attempts as an invitation to talk at length about the proper way to ride the elevator… i didn’t get most of it, but it was something like: go when it’s level. don’t hesitate. stand back. got it! in reality though, a never-stopping elevator is a bit more daunting than i had thought. granted, it’s slow, but still… while we were there, several people working at the town hall hopped in and out of it easily and smiled at our hesitation. i think i’ll go back someday and do it, but meanwhile, i’m happy to have seen it in person. who knows for how long they’ll still be around?

if you’re brave and in berlin, i’d highly recommend it! :)

seth godin on social networking

so true.

tupperware hunting

success! joão found it!

success! joão found it!

we started geocaching a few months ago, following tips by mundoo and vera. in shanghai there wasn’t much to hunt and besides, people are everywhere and they’re especially curious of us, the foreigners acting suspiciously…

another one found!

another one found!

in portugal though, there are tons of caches, hidden a bit everywhere, so there are really no excuses not to go find them. i especially enjoy the ones that take us to far away places, make us climb rocky hills or wander around in the middle of bushes that scratch our knees… or discover strange geological phenomena or some little known historical fact.

joão checks his gps coordinates sitting on an... angry turtle rock?

joão checks his gps coordinates sitting on a... turtle rock?

that way!br/no! down there!

"that way!" "no! down there!"

it’s fun, there are caches everywhere, and it makes another great excuse for a roadtrip! :) who knows what you’ll find?



framboise mint choc


currently browsing the colors and patterns on, and falling in love with their names. somehow “vintage mount dew”, “vampire dribble”, “Ursus horribilis”, “tomato sneaking out” or “tummy ache” all make sense as colors, at least as soon as you see them. :)

also on the subject, how cool is this collection of 500 coloring pencils?

and of course, impossibly expensive at $33/batch of 25 crayons/month. also, who would have the courage to actually use such a perfect collection? sigh.