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analogue wednesday #254

the neverending skies of iceland, around this time 5 years ago.

walking on history XV: Epine GY 7

on march 13 1948, a british trawler was wrecked near djúpalónssandur beach in iceland, but because of the bad weather, it was impossible to reach the ship to rescue the crew. 14 people died that day, one washed ashore still alive, and four were rescued when the tide finally turned, by throwing a line from the nearby cliffs to the mast, and using a rescue seat to bring those sailors back to safety.

70 years later and the twisted iron is still strewn around the beach, a powerful memorial to this accident.

ps — also, this 99% invisible episode, which links to, a wonderful compendium of interesting places.

analogue wednesday #76

Hot pots in Iceland

Hot pots in Iceland

and last but not least, the hot pots! that’s it for icelandic photos — back to our regular picturesque south next week! :)

analogue wednesday #75



coffee and breakfast places in reykjavik.

analogue wednesday #74



the tiny island of súgandisey was the northernmost place we’ve ever been to.