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analogue wednesday #13

rome leftovers, from earlier this year.

one second every day – january 2014

january best bits included:
- rome (and some of the best tiramisu of our lives)
- a trip to the north of italy, to surprise a friend on his birthday
- the return of sherlock!
- a lot of good food with friends
- trying out a new co-working space
- chinese new year!

alpe di siusi, 2

…is there anything quite as satisfying as a meal on a mountain hut, after a long hike in the snow?

alpe di siusi

a month ago, we were walking the snow-covered mountains around bolzano, digging our borrowed boots in the freshest snow i’ve ever seen. the trip was an impromptu decision – but one that turned out perfect. breathing the cold air, catching the sun in our cheeks and laughing along with friends… we couldn’t have wished for a more perfect start for the year.

analogue wednesday #12

bits and pieces of our rainy days in rome, earlier this month.