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yup. anyone else?

one second everyday — january 2016

a bit late, but here’s january:

the beginning of the year was homely and mostly boring, from a cinematographic perspective. we caught up on work and set up goals for the year, both personal and professional. outside, i rode my new bike and we hiked, met friends and went to the festa da chouriça, in querença, which was pretty yummy!

i also joined a local gym (not pictured) and started doing (a sort of light) crossfit! every other day, i get my ass-kicked by a ridiculous amount of push-ups, burpees or deadlifts… and come home sore and happy. it wasn’t a new year resolution, but it worked out nicely anyway! :)

a bike for algarve

i’ve been bikeless for a year now, after selling my beloved raleigh when leaving germany. but a few weeks ago, i joined a local gym that is just far enough that i don’t want to walk there… and yet close enough that it would be ridiculous to go by car… hence, the final push for finally buying the bike!

after some searching, i’ve found a portuguese brand that does just the kind of bike i was looking for. meet the órbita classic:


it’s sort of a dutch bike, with not-quite-moustache handles but close. it’s simple, comfortable to ride upright and not too heavy. i miss the back pedal brake of my previous bikes, but this one has gears, which is a nice bonus!



it’s still missing the basket for the market trips, but so far, so good. i look forward to many nice rides around the ria formosa! :)

one second every day – july 2015

in july we celebrated lots of things… usually with ice-cream!

postcrossing turned 10 (wow!), lots of friends came over to visit us, p.’s dad turned 78, and my littlest cousin was born! other than that, it was a quiet blue-skied month, with lots of work behind the scenes and some occasional trips to the beach. :)

one second everyday – june 2015

moving right along to june!

june had a brilliant start, celebrating postcrossing’s 30,000,000 postcards, having friends over, a new macbook (finally!) and a weekend trip to sevilla… but then p’s mom caught pneumonia all of a sudden and we travelled north to give a hand in her recovery for some weeks. she’s better now, but all these comings and goings in the first half of the year have left us somewhat restless and eager to find a quiet balance. the search goes on.