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after spending a month in portugal, i had a song stuck in my head:

it’s an advertising for the 60 year anniversary of compal, a very well known portuguese juice brand. the ad is about the concept of fruitology, which they explain is the science, art and ideology of making fruit. it’s all to do with knowing your fruits inside-out, and experimenting with them. for some reason, i find the whole thing quite touching, and i get goosebumps every time i hear it!

after we saw this ad, we discovered a bunch of making of videos, which are delightful as well – particularly the second one, with the portuguese lady teaching the maori man how to sing her lines! :D

florence + the machine

“I said, hey, girl with one eye
Get your filthy fingers out of my pie
I said, hey, girl with one eye
I’ll cut your little heart out cause you made me cry”

yes she did.

Icelandic pop singer Bjork backed independence for Tibet during her concert on Sunday in Shanghai, eyewitnesses said on Monday. She shouted “Tibet, Tibet!” followed by “Raise your flag!” towards the end of her final song, “Declare independence.”

quote from shanghaiist.

we were there and it was really at the end of the concert. i had to ask someone beside me if she actually said “tibet! tibet!” because i guess my ears didn’t quite believe it too.

“It’s unlikely Bjork will be performing again in China any time soon, if ever. Bravo.”

quote from danwei.

eheh, at least we were there! :)

(image by mulder)

plastic jesus

“i don’t care if it rains or freezes
as long as i’ve got my plastic jesus
sitting on the dashboard of my car basket of my bike

it comes in colours pink and pleasant
it glows in the dark cause it’s irisdescent
i take it with me whenever i go far

so give me my lady madonna
dressed in rhinestones and sitting on a
pedestal of abalone shells

i’m driving 90 but i’m not scared
cause i’ve got my virgin mary
assuring me that i’ll never go to hell”

plastic jesus, jack johnson cover.

i’m so getting one for my bike, just so that i can sing this song whenever i ride it… i love singing when i’m driving (car or bike). makes me happy!

the piano has been drinking.

d. on vismarkt


you know love
causes such misery and pain
i guess i’ll never be the same
since i fell for you

oh i guess i’ll never see the light
i get the blues most everynight
since i felt for you

“I used to know this girl named Suzy Montelongo. And her brother’s name was Joe Montelongo. Joe always wanted to kill me. He sang in a band called the Rodbenders. Suzy Montelongo used to wear these angora sweaters. I’m crazy about angora sweaters. I guess it’s kind of a hang-up of mine. She had angora socks, and angora shoes. I believe she was originally *from* Angora. I don’t know where she is anymore, but every time I see an angora sweater, I think, maybe, *inside* will be Suzy Montelongo. Eh-he-he…”

mr. tom waits, in repeat mode.