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one second everyday — march 2018

march started with rain and ended in radiant sunshine! we had friends over, celebrated birthdays, tried new things, improved the “garden”… it was a nice month all around. this year has been very quiet for a change, and i appreciate that.

march was also the month in which we celebrated five years of doing “one second everyday” videos, which is amazing! i’m so happy we’ve stuck with the habit for this long, and hope to keep it going for many, many years.

though we don’t do them for the sole purpose of sharing, i like that these videos function as a metronome of our life for our friends. sometimes people i haven’t seen in a while see the videos and then reach out to comment on a specific second — even if just to remark on how much food we eat, or how much the boy’s beard has grown! and it’s so incredibly nice to hear from them. :)

but what i like the most about this series is that recording the seconds has become a ritual that forces us to stop and appreciate little moments throughout the day. like kurt vonnegut’s uncle alex, i often ask myself: “if this isn’t nice, what is?”. and it is very nice indeed.

one second everyday — february 2018

the dodgy back reared up its ugly head once again, so february was forcibly a slower month, with lots of painkillers, lower back exercises and long walks.

still, it wasn’t a total bust! the walks were nice and gave us time to enjoy the beauty that is algarve on these sunny winter days, and the opportunity to finish some rolls of film. we used the month of letters to connect with friends and family, and shared plenty of delicious meals too — some nearby, and some in hidden places in alentejo.

and last but not least, the rain came finally and it looks like it might be here to stay, perhaps putting an end to this persistent drought — hurray!

one second everyday — january 2018

the month started in france on new year’s yodel camp, and then a quick jump back home with my parents in tow for a few days.

after that it was mostly catching up with work, along with the start of the hiking season, board games, lots of fondues… and a few days spent working in front of the fireplace. cozy and productive.

2017, one second everyday

and here it is, the whole year as a long array of tiny seconds.

so much laughter and silliness, so many friendly faces and new adventures… every single day remarkable and precious.

one second everyday — december 2017

lots of cats, xmas cards, some food experiments, meeting friends, family days…

… and then, a jump to france for the second edition of our new year’s yodel camp! :)