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one second everyday — october 2017

october was… eventful.

as soon as the month started, we jumped to morocco for some days of hiking in the atlas. at home, we worked, watched some concerts, attended the local “dev day” and tried to make friends with william, the neighbourhood’s black cat. towards the end of the month, we spent a week exploring córdoba, an unexpectedly nice surprise.

one second everyday — september 2017

breaking the pattern of good septembers past, last month was a bit of a trying month… and the first month in a long while that i missed a few seconds here and there.

despite this, there were good things to be celebrated. the parents and dani were in town for a bit. the “mediterranean diet fair” brought some music and excitement to tavira. lots sunny days. new postcrossing stamps. and inbox zero, for the first time ever!

one second everyday — august 2017

august! this is definitely the best part of the year in northern europe, with long sunny days that aren’t quite as sticky hot or packed with people as in the south. so we made a sort of escape plan and said goodbye to algarve, bribed the neighbours to water our plants, and left on a mission to catch up with friends we don’t get to see that often.

and it worked! we’ve had the best august i can remember, spent reconnecting with some of the people and places we miss the most. it was so hard to select the seconds for this video because the month was just overflowing with good memories.

the dodgy back threw me into bed for a few days, but after some rest with pablo-the-cat‘s company, i was back in business! :) too many highlights to mention — just happiness all around!

one second everyday — july 2017

apologies for the silence and mostly automatic posts… august has been brilliant so far, which leaves little time for blogging. now that i’ve managed to somehow bust my back (again!) with an acrobatic jump to the ubahn though, i’m lying in bed taking it easy… on the upside, more time for posting! :D

anyway, here’s what july looked like:

– crafty afternoons and many summer meals with friends
– hosting a biker cousin and his friends
– petsitting our neighbours’ friendly dog
– quick pitstop on our way north to explore maat with jenny
– paulo’s dad turned 80!

and then, really at the end of the month we jumped on a plane for a whole month of adventures abroad! :D

one second everyday — june 2017

i have to say, june was pretty sweet. we saved a swallow (a story for another post), gave blood, did a little roadtrip in andaluzia, celebrated my 35th birthday with my parents who came over for a few days, saw the passionfruit vines grow huge and met lots of friends for meals. in between all the excitement, there were also lots of quiet days working from the couch (where it’s usually fresher) — a good balance overall.

bring it on, july! :)