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analogue wednesday #96

the first crop to come out of one of the rolls i’ve received from, my little film swap project!

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R4R-6 was first shot in denmark, and then double-exposed here in the south. the results were definitely interesting! :) dorte shot her roll “upside down”, so the sky pops up in unexpected places all throughout the roll. it’s really cool how things align sometimes, blending almost seamlessly into the next frame… makes it really hard to decide where to cut!

a roll for a roll

i’ve been thinking about double exposures for a while now. i love the serendipity of the mismatched frames, the randomness and chaos and unexpected beauty that comes with not knowing what is going to happen. but, so far, there has been no reliable way to find film swap partners. it’s partly my fault — i’m too shy to bug friends too often, and too impatient to post requests on random photography groups… so i end up “swapping” films with myself, shooting, rewinding and shooting again… which isn’t half as much fun.

(double exposed) agfa apx 100, minox 35gt

but what do you do when you have a problem, and suspect others might have it too? well, we’re millennials… we make websites. so i made a very simple website (or, rather, i bugged my brother long enough that he acquiesced to turning my idea into reality) that works suspiciously like postcrossing, but with film: you expose a roll of film, rewind and send it to someone else, and then receive one back from another random person for you to double-expose and keep.

the beta version is ready, and i’m looking for testers to see where we can go from here. if you like the idea, and want to help test and improve it (and swap some rolls of film along the way!), join me at

i’m… cautiously optimistic that this will work! :)

analogue wednesday #68

Tavira light leak

cloudy days, with a chance of light leaks.

10 years of us


analogue wednesday #62

winter in algarve: almond blossoms and cave explorations with friends!

holga, fuji neopan 400