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first postcards

other than images and videos, things have been a bit quiet around here. chinese studying took an intensive turn in the past few months, and i feels like there’s only space for one thing at a time in my head. still, life never stops moving forward, and in 2020, i want to make a bigger effort to document our challenges, discoveries, or the things that brought us joy.

high up on that list of things that brought me joy is this recent moment, in which i helped cousin francisco write the first postcard of his life.

he wrote it to his parents, while staying at my parents in porto. he’s in first grade and hasn’t learnt the whole alphabet yet, so every word had to be carefully chosen and practiced before being written down in his curly cursive. he glued the stamp carefully and went to mail it himself… and then a few days later called my parents, super excited to tell them it had arrived! his surprise and happiness were the delight of the whole family. :)

bonus: a few days later he called my parents again, this time extremely upset. he was crying and demanding to know whether isabel was really written with an i, when eduardo and emília were both written with e’s… his dad insisted it was with an i, but he just couldn’t believe it and no one would explain him why! poor child, suffering the joys of learning portuguese! :D

a mailbox methaphor

there’s something fascinating about old mailboxes., their sturdiness and detail lending them a regal air that newer models seem to lack. you can tell that they were made with care, and to last a long time.

they’re almost like a metaphor: if only we could put this kind of effort and resources into all the things we do, to make sure they’re well done, perhaps they, too, would last longer.

happy holidays!

our silly postcard for the year. i’ve started to think of them as our own version of yves saint laurent’s love cards, and i hope we’ll keep up this tradition as long as he did his.

have a happy holiday season!

eggs on postcards!

a beautiful egg-themed postcard that landed on our mailbox some weeks ago, all the way from finland. friends definitely know how to cheer us up! :)

a postcard a day

doing a month of letters (and documenting it) was another thing on my latest 101 list… and last april, i’ve done it! :)

the experience went really well. there’s plenty to celebrate and be thankful for in the world, and it’s nice to stop for a few minutes and think about that — and then put those thoughts into words and send them out. i’ve written at home and in-between places, on cars and planes and trains, early in the morning and late at night, to friends and strangers… somehow, i managed to keep it up, always taking photos of the result.

and then, the 30th day suddenly came, and i just kept writing — turns out, there’s plenty more to say! today marks the 70th day of writing one letter or postcard a day. honestly i’m not sure how far i’ll take it… we’ll just have to see what happens! :)