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50 million postcards…

…is a lot of postcards. :) hurray!

more than sand and dirt

our PO box address is public, so now and then we get some cryptic messages there…

meet me at starbucks

some years ago, starbucks was doing a campaign about people or groups that met in their shops regularly, all around the world. somehow, they found about postcrossing meetups sometimes taking place there, and invited us to shoot a mini-movie about it.

we were a bit skeptical (not to mention, camera-shy…), but in the end it was a cool experience — we assembled a group of nice postcrossers from prague and sat around, sipping coffee and talking postcards for the afternoon. like they say, good things happen when we’re together! :)

gdpr day!

funny enough, i know exactly where i was when i heard about the gdpr for the first time, because i took notes and even filmed one second of it. here’s a frame:

that’s helen dixon, the irish data protection commissioner, warning about the changes coming to europe… on november 8th, 2016 at the websummit.

the long run

some time ago, we were talking with a friend who works with kids at risk — many of whom the parents seem to have simply given up on as “too much trouble”… and it got me thinking about the long run.

whether you’re raising kids or doing something else, the long run is always where it hurts. the beginnings feast on our initial enthusiasm, but keeping it up over time requires work and putting the hours in. it’s made of tears and struggle and the sheer boringness of maintenance.

i can get really enthusiastic about new ideas, so inevitably, i end up struggling with the long run, as i believe most of us do. our blogs are filled with links to projects that have disappeared, stuff that stopped being updated, and i’m guilty enough of giving up on stuff too. interests and priorities change, the enthusiasm dries up… and after the initial burst of energy is exhausted, things naturally come to a stop.

and yet, sometimes, they don’t. sometimes, there’s someone who won’t quit, who will put in the effort, day in and day out, because they believe in something strongly enough to pace themselves.

when you think about it, behind every kid that turns out great, or behind every project that turns 10 (or 20!), there are always humans who were relentless and didn’t quit — and that’s remarkable and worth celebrating.